The literal translation for the greek word Ekklesia (what we translate as "church") is a democratic assembly. At the time of the crucifixion of Jesus, the Roman empire was setting up their own ekklesia that was about keeping the empire wealthy, strong and powerful. The ekklesia that the early Christians were setting up was literally a cohort of democratic assemblies that stood over and against the Roman Empire's ekklesia. The only reason someone would join the ekklesia of Christ was for a better life and the hope of a better future. As a community, Grace in Action believes that the core of the Gospel is creating and offering people a better life. This life is not only about sprituality and community but also about economics. Grace in Action Collectives is a network of worker owned cooperatives and youth run collectives. Together the network provides skill training, back office support and cooperative business incubation. 

This is our mission: 

Grace in Action Collectives is a welcoming, grassroots community that animates residents, both youth and adults, as leaders in Southwest Detroit through education and cooperative economic development. 

The following are collectives, cooperatives and businesses that Grace in Action Collectives helped incubate:

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